National Taiwan Normal University Symphony Orchestra

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      The National Taiwan Normal University Music Department Symphony Orchestra was established in 1975. The promotion of art and culture was its mission, in addition to the organization’s aim to train a young generation of outstanding musical talents and cultivate the audience in music appreciation. The NTNU orchestra performs regularly in the National Concert Hall in Taipei, tours to other local cultural centers, presents outdoors concerts and gives a concerto evening concert annually. In May 2006 the orchestra will make it’s first Australian concert tour.

       Young and energetic undergraduate musicians, the National Taiwan Normal University Symphony Orchestra members boast discipline, enthusiasm, team spirit and camaraderie. The musicians strive to learn and grow and expand their musical horizon. Upon graduation a number of them continue to pursue higher education degrees both in Taiwan and abroad, while others enter the professional performing arena and many begin their career in music education.

       In 1975, the Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University invited a number of musicians, professors, students and well-known international maestros to form the Symphony Orchestra. Through the years it gradually expanded to a 92-piece full size undergraduate student symphony orchestra. Internationally famed Taiwanese conductor Apo Ching-Hsin Hsu, was appointed as the music director and conductor in fall of 2003. While maintaining a core of classical repertoire from Baroque era’s Bach and Handel to the 21st century, the orchestra takes on the challenges of performing works of our time with Taiwanese and international composers and brings their music making to a high standard and level of excellence.